• US Ag Department: Virginia livestock taken by coyotes dips

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s wildlife services division says the state saw a 24 percent decrease in the recorded number of sheep killed from July 2014 to June 2015.

  • Smithsonian facility on guard after coyotes killed gazelle

    The killing of a rare gazelle on the grounds of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute has the facility taking steps to protect its animals.

  • Fairfax County sees uptick in coyotes

    Minimize your chances of encountering a coyote by keeping your pets inside, taking down bird feeders or outdoor pet bowls and securing your garbage can. Read more tips for keeping them at bay.

  • Coyotes increasingly common nationwide

    Their distinctive howl is ubiquitous in old western movies, but the coyotes that once roamed the prairies are no longer limited to the west. Coyotes, members of the dog family, are now found throughout North America, including our area.

  • Naturalist: Coyotes breeding in Fairfax Co. park

    Naturalists with Fairfax County believe that a pair of coyotes are successfully breeding after a pup was spotted on a wildlife camera last week near Chantilly. They say the coyote population is an indicator of the health of local forests and can also keep the deer population in check.

  • National Park Service: No coyote-wolf hybrids in D.C.

    The National Park Service is setting the record straight about
    coyote-wolf hybrids after an outdoors publication says the breed is invading
    D.C.\’s Rock Creek Park.

  • Wildlife helpline to assist with critter conflicts

    There are more and more stories of coyote sightings in the Washington area. But it\’s not just coyotes; it\’s bears, raccoons and other wildlife as well.

  • Warning about coyotes issued after pets attacked

    There\’s a new warning across the Washington region
    about coyotes after attacks on pets in both
    Virginia and Maryland.