• What to know when planning a fusion wedding

    WTOP talked with four local fusion wedding experts about the ins and
    outs of fusion ceremonies, mixed
    receptions and what advice they have for diverse couples exploring their
    wedding options.

  • Cold Feet Questions helps ease pre-wedding anxiety

    A new website, Cold Feed Questions, offers
    counseling for brides or grooms debating whether
    to back out of a wedding.

  • Bridal Brokerage helps ex-couples sell their weddings

    Bridal Brokerage matches couples looking to sell
    wedding with those wanting to buy one and then
    takes a cut depending on the date, cost and
    location of the wedding.

  • Bridesmaids bond through downward dog

    Drinks, dancing and an unforgettable night on
    the town may make for a typical
    bachelorette party. But more bridesmaids in the
    District are trading miniskirts
    for spandex and dance floors for squishy mats as
    they bond in downward dog.