• Maryland black bear hunt yields record 95 bears

    HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — The Maryland Department of Natural Resources says hunters killed a record-high 95 black bears during last week’s four-day hunt. The total is one more than the number of bears killed in…

  • McLean black bear seen eating from bird feeder

    WASHINGTON — There were two separate bear sightings in residential areas of McLean, Virginia Wednesday morning, including one who was feasting on a resident’s bird feeder, reports the Fairfax County Police Department. The reports came about three hours apart…

  • Andean bear cubs at National Zoo named

    WASHINGTON — The National Zoo’s 19-week-old Andean bear cubs have names after people voted for their favorites. One cub is named Mayni (MY-nee), which means “unique” in Aymara. The other is named Muniri (moo-NEE-ree). In the Quechua…

  • Black bear population pushing farther into Montgomery County

    WASHINGTON – Maryland bear biologists counting this year’s cubs say the population is thriving, and it could be pushing further into Montgomery County. They’ve been residents of western Maryland for a while in Frederick, Allegheny and Washington…

  • May and June: Increase in bears in D.C. area

    Beware of the bears: It\’s that time of year when more bears roam closer to humans.

  • Summertime bears: Don’t be scared, be cautious

    Bears are opportunistic. They do wander into residential areas searching for food. Here\’s advice for how to deal with a bear encounter.

  • Bears spotted in Prince William County

    Bears are animals you would want to see at the zoo – not in your backyard, but several of them have been seen in Prince William County recently