• Eli’s grumpy reaction to bro’s win outshines ads (Video)

    Eli Manning’s reaction to brother Peyton’s Super Bowl success was a little different from that of the rest of his family.

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    Here are the winners whose gamble paid off, and losers who dropped the ball.

  • Ads for alcohol coming to Metro

    WASHINGTON — Next to ads for doctors, townhomes or food, Metro rail and bus riders will soon see ads for alcohol across the system. The Metro Board voted 7-1 on Thursday to allow the ads,…

  • Va. Beach bans ads on bikes along path next to Boardwalk

    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — Virginia Beach has banned advertising signs on bicycles along a bike path next to its Boardwalk. The Virginian-Pilot ( reports the City Council approved the ordinance change Tuesday night. Advertising…

  • DirecTV urged to pull ‘misleading’ Rob Lowe ads

    WASHINGTON — In a series of popular DirecTV commercials starring Rob Lowe, the actor plays versions of himself where he’s scrawny, a meathead and downright creepy — but now the ads may be pulled because…

  • New Silver Line ads promise viewers ‘good times are ahead’ (Video)

    What could double a lonely man\’s dating pool, expand a college grad\’s career options and encourage a traffic-stranded family to leave the house? The Silver Line can, according to three new ads.

  • How to stop Facebook from using your browsing habits for ads

    Facebook announced Thursday that it\’s starting to use app and website data from your browsing habits to provide ads tailored to your interests — but there is a way to limit how much information Facebook can retrieve.

  • The most memorable Super Bowl ads

    Long after details of the action on the field
    are forgotten, Super Bowl commercials remain
    embedded in our memories and pop culture.

    Over the years, ads have ranged from
    straightforward to funny, from sexy to
    abstract, and from tender to annoying. What
    are your favorite Super Bowl ads from years
    past? Weigh in here on Facebook.