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  • Bob Snot
    1:15pm - Sat Feb 23rd, 2013

    Our country is broke and unable to pay for necessary things like road upkeep because we as a nation have allowed a few (the wealthy, big corporate, and big finance) to become filthy rich by selling, trading, and giving away our good paying, TAX PAYING, jobs! And they couldn't have done it if the public was together holding our politicians in BOTH parties feet to the fire stopping them from doing it. Like Lincoln said, our government is supposed to be, of the people, by the people, for the people. Not of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy, like it has become. This country belongs to the citizens, NO ONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO BUY AND CONTROL IT JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE A LOT OF MONEY. Sadly due to that becoming reality and this global economy scam, LIE, foreign citizens, governments, and businesses have way more control over OUR country than they ever should have. They shouldn't have any at all!

    The fortunes that are now building China, India, and any other country our jobs were sent to, is money that used to be here, maintaining and building this country! Now poof, it's gone, the people here responsible are filthy rich, their cronies in those countries are filthy rich, our working public and country is hurting and barely hanging on, and our once great wealth is now overseas building other countries, ones that aren't even on completely friendly terms with us. No foreign country or government could have ever destroyed this country as well as our own arrogant, greed driven scum bags have. Even though they have millions and billions of dollars it's just not enough, if they can put a few thousand more well paid U.S. workers out of a job they can pocket a good chunk of the money those workers were once paid. Frankly, any politician that allowed the outsourcing crime to take place, let alone the ones who promoted it, should spend the rest of their days in jail for Treason. And the pro business groups and organizations that pushed them to do it, all in the name of greed, should be in the cell next to them.
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