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  • jlv
    9:15am - Thu Dec 06th, 2012
    How to fix the national deficit
    Hi Chris.
    I thought it quite interesting to hear the creative idea from a listener of holding a national lottery to help start reducing the national deficit. A national lottery would certainly appeal to hopeful souls who think they could win. But, how about a 1% national sales tax on everything we purchase? We all know the old addage, "the more you make the more you spend". If that saying is true, seems to me that would be the only fair way to tax the rich more than the middle/lower classes. I would much rather be taxed more on what I spend (I can control my spending to some degree), rather than what I earn. Taxes were raised on cigarettes and alcohol, but still people smoke and drink. Just a thought. I enjoy your commentaries! Keep them coming.
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  • David C
    4:42pm - Thu Dec 20th, 2012
    Nice idea but...
    1: If you want to give the government money without expecting anything in return, you can just write a cheque to the IRS.

    2: What makes you think the proceeds would actually reduce any deficit? It's more likely that a wonderful bipartisan committee will find 20 new things to spend the money on, and will spend all of the proceeds on each of the 20, causing our deficit to increase.

    3: Our deficit is so large, there doesn't exist enough money in the entire country to pay for it. Washington could confiscate all of all our money and it wouldn't be enough. Nothing short of massive spending cuts is going to get our budget under control. Anyone who says otherwise is delusional.

    I actually like the idea of a national lottery (especially if the prizes are free from Federal income tax - similar to how state lottery winnings are free from state income tax), but don't kid yourself into thinking it will do anything to help with our budget.
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