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  • Tlou01
    8:01am - Sat Oct 27th, 2012
    Fence sitters
    Mr. Core,

    I generally enjoy your commentary and find that I share your opinion on most installments. However this one touched a nerve and I wanted to share my opposing thoughts.

    First, I embrace my right to a secret ballet. I do not share my voting intent with friends or neighbors, and certainly not political survey takers. I will always be counted among the "vote unknown" which might be considered undecided by the survey taker.

    Second, I challenge the notion that the billions of campaign dollars spent, the 4 debates, and the relentless political ads should have driven the whole of the electorate to their decision by this point in the process, with a little over a week remaining. The above listed propaganda is not the basis of an informed vote. Any citizen who wished to make a truly informed decision must take time to pick through the rhetoric to uncover the real truth. If anything, the explosion of political information makes it more difficult to arrive at a decision.

    My right to hold my vote until I cast my official ballet is MY core value.

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