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  • John M.
    7:13am - Wed Oct 17th, 2012
    Restricting Metro Ads
    Yesterday, Chris Core strongly voiced his opposition to Metro’s permitting the display in four of its stations of a pro-Israel ad that was anti-jihadist, under the guise that this ad could be viewed as offensive to some who may become so inflamed that they might respond by resorting to terrorism. Because of this possibility, Chris feels that such ads are akin to one yelling out “FIRE” in a crowded venue, like the subway, a lame and inappropriate analogy, in my view.
    It is amazing to me that what Chris seems to be ignoring is the advertiser’s right to exercise free speech; and granted there are times when such free speech actions may be “offensive” to some, but in the case in point those very people who may be offended are the very same folks who in the normal course of their daily lives embrace views and take harmful actions against innocents, which can be better described as something that in and of itself are “offensive.” And isn’t “free speech” the very right that Core uses to make a living each and every day as he bloviates over the DC airwaves.
    Personally, what I find far more “offensive,” than the ad he is criticizing, is Core’s constant commercial endorsements on WTOP, which are apparently done for his own personal gain.
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