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  • Mg H.
    5:56pm - Wed Jun 27th, 2012
    HOV antiquated thinking.
    Yay, Chris Core!! Unless they are checking the HOV clients at a checkpoint to see that they are paying EXTRA taxes to use the HOV lanes then all drivers whether with 10 people or solo driver should be able to use the HOV. It adds another lane to the beltway and helps alleviate traffic a little overall in that capacity.
    Antiquated is right! Good thinking!! a'la CORE
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  • n3sjh
    1:58am - Fri Jun 29th, 2012
    HOV Energy Efficient Scam
    I am not sure I support certain vehicles getting an exception but I see it as wrong that vehicles must be registered to use the HOV lanes. I am currently driving a Nissan Leaf and my Natural Gas truck, I should be able to drive in those lanes the same as someone with a special license. My vehicles are just as clean, registered or not.
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