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  • dcourain
    8:53am - Fri Mar 16th, 2012
    School Tardiness Penalties
    I believe huge fines are appropriate if parents cause their children to be habitually late to school. Forget it causes extra work for the office, taking away valuable time they could be helping with school needs, and forget about the disruptions to the class and planned lessons. What about the late students. I'm a crossing guard, and everyday I see the same children jumping out of their parents cars, pulling on their coats, grabbing their lunches and backpacks, then running into the school. The kids are rushed, exhausted before the day even begins, and they walk with their heads down because they're embarrassed about being late, AGAIN. And what about the message they're sending their kids; it's ok to obey only the rules we like and find convenient. If only parents could see what they do to their own children, and if you could see what it does to those kids, you wouldn't think those monetary penalties were too stiff.
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