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  • bkbillman
    7:25pm - Mon Mar 05th, 2012
    Virginia Tech
    When we entrust our kids to institutions of higher learning, it's not just their brains that they are responsible for. Without question, one of the first things parents and prospective students want to know is whether the campus is safe. Universities accept that responsibility implicitly and, probably, without a second thought. That's not to say that they don't take that responsibility seriously. Just look at the numbers of the institutional law enforcement that responded to the events of that terrible day.

    One thing I learned in law school (yep, I'm one of those) is to place the responsibility in the person or place that can best prevent a loss. In the case of Virginia Tech, nobody could have foreseen what was to happen - Tech or the individual members of the student body. Unfortunately, there are far too many guns and way too much mental illness to be able to foresee all the things that can go wrong in an environment the size of Virginia Tech.

    Virginia Tech - or any other institution - doesn't need a gaggle of lawyers to tell them that this tragedy should be avoided in the future. The members of the victims' families would all freely admit that the money won't compensate them for their loss. Use the 33 1/3% that goes into the lawyers' pockets and the millions of dollars the Commonwealth will spend to defend this to build more call boxes on campus, provide more mental health care to students and such other more constructive things as will truly keep the students more safe and deliver them soundly into the world after graduation. There wasn't a single lawyer there when the gunman opened fire. Whatever they want now won't make Virginia Tech any more careful or bring back the students that died that day.
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  • Apis-Mellifera
    6:49am - Tue Mar 06th, 2012
    VT and responsibility
    To me a blanket statement that VT is or is not responsible for recognizing one of their students is mentally unbalanced is a bit far to the extreme.

    I think when the first two students were killed the reaction of VT was atrocious and the school should have immediately alerted all staff and students of the issue. I believe they waited and that is what I hope is uncovered at the trial.

    I don't know if taking action sooner would have helped but I would have loved to see everyone have a chance to get to a safe place.

    I don't think it's about money but whether more could have been done earlier to prevent a larger loss of life.
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