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  • mbeitler
    3:37pm - Thu Jan 12th, 2012
    Bill Trumbull
    Chris: heard your memorial to Bill T. I read in the post where he passed away. we were good friends for quite a while then I lost track of him. He was a great person. I wanted to pass along a story about him you would appreciate. I was his dentist and everytime he would come in it would be in the am so he could do the pm show. he would always make fun when he went on the air. the biggest story would be when I gave him nitrous oxide(laughing gas) for his treatment. he would go on the air and tease about it and the vist to the office. he was terrific. thought you might be interested in the story.

    Dr. Marvin S. Beitler-retired from dentistry in 2003
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  • Xjerzz
    12:10pm - Fri Jan 13th, 2012
    Trumbull and Core
    I was saddened to hear of Bill Trumbull's passing. You guys were the afternoon staple when I arrived in the DC area in 1981 and were the go-to guys (along w Capt. Dan)30 yrs ago when Flt 90 went into the Potomac. Despite the bits with Snow Sharks, baby Naugas and cross-country bus trips, for me there was nothing to compare to Jackie-Bill. Those bits made me laugh til I cried. I had occasionally emailed with Bill back when email was new to most of us and he always responded. T&C will live forever in my heart and mind - as will Bill Trumbull. Thanks for your Core Values remembrance!!
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  • Michael E
    2:44pm - Fri Jan 13th, 2012
    Tribute to Trumbull
    I grew up with Harden & Weaver before school; Trumbull & Core after school and went to bed listening to Ken Beatrice.

    The humor from Trumbull & Core still stays with me. I remember the old humiture bit where, once a certain combination of heat & humidity was reached, you could work naked. I remember looking for snowsharks and wondering what a nauga looked like.

    I also remember when Chris called his parents for their anniversary. When they didn't answer Chris was confused and Bill insinuated that they may have gone to bed early to "celebrate". To this day I can remember Chris' reaction and the fact that you could almost hear Bill's smirk over the radio.

    Another little piece of my childhood has gone.

    RIP Bill and God be with your family and friends.
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