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  • BC1962
    8:11pm - Tue Oct 11th, 2011
    Another time you've missed the point
    Hey Chris,

    The protests on Wall Street aren't about people like your friend. Everyone is entitled to drop out of school, learn a couple of gimmicks, get a job as a stock broker and make ridiculous amounts of money while someone else takes the risk. No one is protesting against these little guys. What they're protesting against are banks who make unscrupulous loans to make obscene profits, who then get federal bailouts once they help tank the economy, and then turn around and raise consumer fees to keep making obscene profits. What they're protesting against are CEOs who pilot large corporations into the ground while tanking someone's retirement funds, and then make ridiculous bonuses for failing. How making "educating yourself before running your mouth" a "Core Value?"
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  • JamesH
    7:01am - Wed Oct 12th, 2011
    What's Your Cause - you got it wrong

    You got it wrong... protestors are a core value... we're a nation built on protesting from the American Revolution to the Civil Rights ..... protesting is one of the few things that fuels change in America. And change is good, a core value all of its own.....

    You're confusion stems from the fact that there are multiple complaints.... well, that's because the things frustrating Americans are numerous and complex but I think if you boiled it down you'd find that it comes down to we think we can't influence the process and the process doesn't appear to be helping the middle class and the poor while we keep hearing the top 10-20% is getting richer, bonuses, higher standards of living while the middle class and poor standards of living continue to slip... more of us would be out there if we could afford it......
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  • plirvin21403
    9:23pm - Sat Oct 15th, 2011
    Wrong Again
    The problem I have with you, WTOP and your commentaries -- is that factual information is overlooked for the sake or window-dressing. Oh, it sounds good to say that protestors today aren't like the ones you knew way back when -- and that a survey of them wouldn't yield a common answer of why they are protesting -- but that simply wasn't true. What did you base your assumption on? Many DO get it, and understand the core issues of wealth and class in America -- and now the world. Just because you are one of the elites doesn't mean there isn't a point for many who don't. Standing up for the little guy should be a core value -- so where is yours?
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