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  • davet
    8:27am - Tue Apr 12th, 2011
    Dress Code
    Hi Chris! Just about always agree with those Core Values, but on this one, you were spot off! You think France is wrong for passing a law banning women from wearing burqas, saying that it is freedom of speech, and you hope it never happens here, even though the French say it is for security reasons.
    Well, sorry to tell you Chris, but it has happened here..D.C. has laws against wearing masks, as does Virginia, to name a few, for security reasons. But more important, is France's other reason...that they feel it goes against the values of France to hold women in such low esteem as to make them hide their faces in public. This burqa thing represents an extreme form of Islam, France knows it, and so should you. It's not a core value to degrade women. It's what the Taliban is fighting for.
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