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  • TK3
    8:17am - Fri Apr 08th, 2011
    Trump Commentary
    I think you missed the mark on this commentary. This isn't about whether VP Biden is more liberal and we wouldn't be any better off if President Obama was removed from office because he wasn't legal to run in the first place. This is about demanding our politicans, especially the President, represent our values of morality, ethics, and fair play. In a town where political ethics can be hard to find and where hypocracy is standard -- a Congressional Ethics Committee where a body of unethical politicians judge the ethics of one of their own -- we need to demand the highest standards from those who represent us.

    You claim to approach the topics from all sides, but commentaries like this one lend credence to the liberal media who give President Obama a free pass on many questionable issues.

    Tom Kelly
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  • Work4aLivin
    10:38pm - Sat Apr 09th, 2011
    Isn't following the Consttution a core value?
    You really are off the mark this time. Trump is simply ensuring the Constitutional requirements to be Prez were obeyed. Certainly you aren't saying that pursuit of the "American Dream" is more of a "core value" than abiding by the Constitution, are you? Seems you are. I don't recall you criticizing the left when they doggedly pursued Bush on his Vietnam deferral. I didn't see you defend Bush then as pursuing the "American Dream" in going from a wildcat oilman to becoming the Prez. So two strikes, Chris. You do not see following the Constitution as a core value, nor are you consistent in defending those who pursue the American Dream.
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