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  • jpowings
    1:12pm - Wed May 12th, 2010
    Mixed Feelings
    I have to admit that i have mixed feelings about the new policy for the Preakness. I love horse racing and think that its a shame it seems to be dying out. Maryland certainly needs to do more to keep horse racing a profitable business in the state. As a semi recent college graduate and graduate student at UVA i understand the desire to celebrate horse racing with friends and libations (we have our own version of preakness down here at UVA called Foxfield). Here we are still allowed to bring our own drinks into horse races as long as the coolers meet a specific size standard. In addition, there is a very large police presence that acts very quickly to corral intoxicated students who then immediately go before a Virginia Magistrate who is on site. I think that setting up a similar system that makes individuals responsible for their actions would be a much better idea than an all out ban or unlimited drinks for $20. Hopefully they will get it right eventually.
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  • SeafoodSpecial
    4:04pm - Wed May 12th, 2010
    All you can drink is a problem
    Bad move, bad, bad, bad move.

    Young people will get into a 'get as much as you can as fast as you can' mode.

    The people selling the beers will be faced with deciding who has had too much? Come on. That's stupid.

    Best solution. 16oz of decent ice cold beer for $3.00.

    No reason to drink more than you should. You'll probably space it out a little better.

    Only get a beer when you want one.

    The Preakness officials realize no one person can drink $20 worth of wholesale keg beer so it maximizes their profit. But, it encourages irresponsible drinking, which completely goes against their stated goal of a family atmosphere.

    Someone in the Preakness official cadre is really stupid or really lying.

    I'm amazed people still haven't figured out how to best serve the young drinking public effectively. It's not that hard.

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  • FlyerDave
    9:21pm - Wed May 12th, 2010
    There is life
    without unlimited alcohol
    I hope the police set up checkpoints
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