New ride to look forward to at Six Flags

WASHINGTON — Summer’s slipping through your fingers fast, but maybe you’re squeezing in a few last rides at the amusement park before parks close in the autumn. Then, there’s always next year.

At Six Flags America in Prince George’s County, Havilah Ross, communications manager, says things will heat up in 2015 with the new Bourbon Street Fireball.

The ride is billed as a looping roller coaster that takes 24 riders 70 feet in the air, leaves them hanging for a second, and then reverses direction. Ross describes it this way, “You’re in the car, the harness comes down over you, clicks between your legs and then you swing back and forth and around and around and around. And you have a great time!”

Coaster aficionados say the ride is not technically a coaster, because it’s powered all the way through the 2-minute ride instead of relying on gravity, but park officials at Six Flags say it’s the tenth coaster in their collection of thrill rides.

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