ALS Association debunking fake article spreading online

WASHINGTON – The ALS Association is trying to get out ahead of a fake article it says is derailing efforts and confusing people.

An article posted Aug. 28 on the satirical website, Political Ears, is taking a crack at the organization and its fundraising efforts. As it’s shared, many take the fake article as fact.

“It is frustrating that it’s turning negative when such a positive thing happens from this,” says Judy Taylor, director of the local ALS chapter.

Everything is being done to debunk the article spreading on social media, Taylor says.

The fake article’s main claim is 73 percent of the money raised from the Ice Bucket Challenge is not going to research.

In response, the ALS Association has posted a table of myths and corresponding facts on its homepage.

“They put it on their website, so people can go directly and see all the answers to those questions. Ya know, just saying very transparent is important,” Taylor says.

Last week, the organization posted a thank you to donors stating the viral ice bucket campaign has raised more than $100 million dollars nationally thanks to the generosity of three million donors.

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