World’s oldest wombat celebrates birthday (Photos)

Patrick the wombat is breaking all sorts of records these days.

WASHINGTON — Patrick the Wombat is breaking all sorts of records these days.

The marsupial boasts various, dubious honors: At 29 years old, he is the world’s oldest wombat. He is also a virgin, and happens to weigh almost 84 pounds, which also makes him the world’s heaviest known wombat.

He lives at the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Australia and is so famous that he has his very own Facebook page.

According to his “about” section, Patrick enjoys taking wheelbarrow rides around the park, snuggling up with his keepers and meeting new friends. He also loves nibbling on grass and taking morning napS.

Wombats are native to Australia and nearby islands, and live in underground burrows built using their large claws. More ambitious creatures will construct tunnels that link to vast networks beneath the earth.

Common wombats, like Patrick, tend to be solitary and live alone. Other wombat species are more social and sometimes even live in family environments.

They typically weigh between 28 and 80 pounds.

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