What you can get for the cost of Redskins premium parking

After learning that the closest parking lot to FedEx Field for fans costs $57.50, we wondered what other things you can do around town with that amount.

WASHINGTON — The closest parking lot to FedEx Field for fans costs $57.50. What other things can one do around town with that same amount?

It will cost fans $2 more to see “Evita” at The Kennedy Center.

For the cost of parking at the lot nearest FedEx Field, one could take five bus trips to New York City.

With only $45, less than the cheapest parking near the stadium, one could get a ticket to see George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic play at the 9:30 Club, or secure at-home entertainment for a while and purchase a three-month subscription to both Hulu Plus and Netflix.

FedEx has the most expensive premium parking of any Washington team. Fans have the opportunity to park for less further from the stadium and pay $46 per vehicle.

Baseball fans get to park close to the stadium for less than that. Parking in the B or C lots, which are on the same block as Nationals Park, costs fans $44 for regular games and $47 for prime games.

Fans of D.C. United pay a $20 flat rate to park at RFK Stadium; Wizards and Capitals fans looking for parking at Verizon Center are directed from the venue’s website to a list of nearby garages downtown with rates that hover around the $20 range.

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