Ukrainian soldiers cross border into Russia with both sides giving conflicting reasons

MOSCOW (AP) — There’s word of Ukrainian soldiers crossing into Russia today, but it’s unclear why.

Russia’s Interfax news agency quotes a Russian border security official as saying more than 400 soldiers deserted the Kiev government. The head of the Federal Security Service’s border patrol in the Rostov region says Russia opened a corridor to 438 Ukrainian soldiers into the country.

Ukraine’s military says it’s likely that part of a brigade crossed into Russian territory, although it disputes Russia’s version of events and won’t say how many soldiers went over. A military official says the soldiers were forced into Russian territory by rebel fire after running out of ammunition.

Earlier today, Interfax reported that Russia’s air force has begun military drills in central and western regions of the country, a move that could spark further fears that Moscow is ready to flex its military muscle in Ukraine.

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