Report: shoplift, scuffle with cops thwarts Reed’s Terps career

Trayvon Reed was among the Top-5 Recruiting Class in 2013 (Maryland Athletics)

WASHINGTON — Trayvon Reed, who left his senior year in New Jersey as a rising star in the University of Maryland basketball program, is on his way home.

He was arrested Wednesday night after he got into a scuffle with police outside a 7-Eleven in College Park, according to The Baltimore Sun.

The Athletic Department has since released a statement saying Reed “failed to meet the standards that are required by the university athletics department” and is prohibiting him from enrolling in Fall classes at the university.

When reached by telephone by The Sun, Head Coach Mark Turgeon declined to comment.

Reed has been charged with second-degree assault, second degree assault of a police officer, theft under $100 and resisting arrest. His hearing is scheduled for Prince George’s County District Court in Hyattsville on Sept. 15.

According to the reports, Reed, who was a top-5 recruit for the basketball program, had been spotted by two plainclothes officers taking a Twix ice cream bar from the 7-Eleven on Route 1 and putting it in his pocket. He allegedly then left the store without paying for it. When the officers approached to arrest him, Reed allegedly ran. The officers caught up and a scuffle ensued. One of the cops was reportedly left with two broken fingers.

Police said they also found in Reed’s possession a four-pack of Reese’s Cups and a two-pack of King Sized Reese’s Cups.

In the statement released by Maryland, Reed said: “I regret that I was unable to meet the responsibilities that were expected of me from Coach Turgeon and the University of Maryland.”

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