Money management apps take a creative step forward

A number of money management apps are letting users get creative with tracking and investing their wealth. (WTOP/Megan Cloherty)

WASHINGTON – There are some money management apps to track spending and help users invest in creative ways.

Instead of compiling receipts for a monthly expense reports, you should track purchases as you go.

The free Expensify app helps handle the chore on the go by letting users add expenses, time, distance and receipts into one file. They can download it off the web to interface later.

If you’re someone who works only off credit and debit, the free app Check will sync with billers to tell the user when one is due or about to be late. It also lets users track their credit scores for a fee.

Or hand over some spare change to an investment. The app Acorns syncs with the user’s bank account and rounds up any purchase they make to the nearest dollar. It then funnels the difference into the account they choose.

For a one time $1.99 purchase, the Daily Budget app is designed to break down daily expenses so users can see where they are spending the most and remind themselves of the budget they’re trying to stick to.

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