Some want Peroutka to resign from Southern nationalist group

WASHINGTON — Michael Peroutka is running for the Anne Arundel County Council’s District 5 seat, but lately he’s gotten a lot of attention for his affiliation with The League of the South, which is described as a Southern nationalist organization.

Last year, Peroutka was named a board member for the group, which was labeled a neo-confederate hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Dr. Michael Hill, president of The League of the South, has been called a racist for some of his comments.

In a 2012 YouTube Video, Hill called for a stop of immigration in the south.

“We need to first of all stop the influx,” Hill said in the video. “Secondly, we need to get the ones that are here out because they are aliens. Whether they are here legally or illegally, they are going to transfer the south into Little Guatemala, Little Honduras, Little Mexico, whatever. Frankly I don’t want to live in a place like that.”

The group also supports secession from the union.

In Anne Arundel, other candidates have called on Republicans to denounce Peroutka.

Republican County Executive candidate Del. Steve Schuh and Maryland Republican Party Executive Director Joe Cluster have asked Peroutka to resign from The League of the South.

Maryland Republican Gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan has completely disavowed Peroutka.

Peroutka has told some that he is not a racist.

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