Nationals put an end to tailgating

WASHINGTON — Put a fork in it. Tailgating is done.

Nationals fans can no longer grill their own grub before and after games at the ballpark.

Quietly, the Nationals have put an end to tailgating.

To be sure, tailgating for baseball — apart from Opening Day — is but a fraction of the event that surrounds football stadiums.

Even so, some fans have made it a tradition to grill burgers and hot dogs before the game.

The Nationals say recent construction has cut in half the available capacity in Lot W, the only place tailgating had been permitted.

The result, according to the team, was a need to find more gameday parking. Tailgating got the ax.

A growing list of neighborhood restaurants and the mainstay of The Bullpen offer fans lots of options to eat and drink before and after home games.

Still, some will miss that personal season-to-taste.

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