Maserati opens dealership in Arlington

ARLINGTON, Virginia – Drivers of German luxury cars, take note: Maserati is coming after you.

The brand is expanding its presence in the D.C. area with a new showroom in Arlington, and the company wants you to consider one if its flashy cars for your commute.

“Maserati as a company has grown over 300 percent from last year to this year,” says Alex Macatuno, general sales manager at Maserati of Arlington. “There’s a demand for the product.”

Fueling the demand is a car that may not immediately come to mind when thinking about exclusive, Italian autos: a four-door with V6 power.

The Maserati Ghibli “starts at $66,900, which now is about in the same range as a BMW or a Mercedes or a Porsche or an Audi,” says Macatuno.

That V6 powerplant is a twin-turbo unit built in Italy by Ferrari which puts out either 345 horsepower or 404 horsepower, depending on model. All wheel drive is available.

Maserati makes a larger four-door car, the Quattroporte, which starts at just over $100,000.

Its two-door model, the GranTurismo, starts at more than $125,000.

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