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Loide mixes Portuguese, jazz

Loide\'s first studio album, "In Time," mixes influences ranging from Cesaria Evoria to Sarah Vaughan. (Courtesy Loide)

Liz Anderson, wtop.com

WASHINGTON — First of all, have you ever heard of Afro-Lusophone Jazz? If you haven’t, don’t feel too bad.

“I just made that up,” D.C.-based singer Loide (loy-deh’) Rosa Jorge says of the descriptor she uses to encapsulate her music’s stylistic origins: She’s of African descent with roots in Mozambique and Guinea Bissau and is also fluent in Portuguese.

“The jazz is the American influence of what I’m doing. I literally just merged the two, put it in a name, and am introducing that to the world.”

Her first studio project, “In Time,” is a reflection of those influences, which include singers such as Cape Verde’s Ces

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