Fort Reno concert series is back on

WASHINGTON — It looked like a long-standing D.C. tradition was going on the shelf, but the Fort Reno concerts are back on stage.

ABC7 reports that the U.S. Park Police and concert organizers reached a deal Monday that would allow the shows to go on.

According to ABC7, the hangup between the two sides was that the park police required the organizers to have a constant police presence and to pay a $2,000 fee up front, which the organizers said they couldn’t afford.

D.C. senator Paul Strauss instigated talks between the two sides, and a deal was worked out for organizers to pay the fee in installments.

“It was very important to me personally as well as in my official capacity that we can have this happen,” Strauss told ABC7.

The shows begin July 7.

See a report from ABC7:

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