Blogger helping Redskins resigns abruptly

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled in June that the Washington Redskins\' name is "disparaging of Native Americans" and should be stripped of trademark protection. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — A blogger hired to help the Washington Redskins deal with the controversy over the team nickname has abruptly resigned.

Ben Tribbett announced his resignation Monday night on Twitter, saying he didn’t want be a distraction “as the political attacks have shifted towards being personal towards me.”

Tribbett, who had made it clear he didn’t think the Redskins name is a slur, had only been hired two weeks ago.

For years, he wrote a popular blog covering Virginia politics called “Not Larry Sabato,” a reference to the well-known University of Virginia political analyst.

In 2006, Tribbett broke the story of former Virginia Sen. George Allen referring to the volunteer of a campaign opponent as “macaca” — the slur contributed to Allen’s defeat by James Webb.

George Allen is the brother of Redskins President and General Manager Bruce Allen.

The Redskins and owner Dan Snyder have been trying to counter criticism of the team nickname from Native Americans, political leaders and others, who say it’s time for it to be discontinued.

The U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board recently canceled the Redskins trademark registration.

The team has said last month’s ruling will not affect its use of the Redskins moniker.

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