Nanny mystery deepens as she disappears from CA home

Nanny Dianne Stetton in happier times (ABC News)


UPDATE:Recent reports indicate that Dianne Stretton may have been homeless for nine years before hired as a nanny on Craigslist.com. After her “disappearance” from the Bracamonte home she was spotted sleeping in her car outside the local police station.

The story of the nanny who wouldn’t leave has turned into the story of the nanny who disappeared.

Marcella Bracamonte, a wife and mother three, told reporters earlier in the week that the older woman who they hired as a live-in-nanny had not only stopped working after a couple of weeks, but had refused to leave their home.

Marcella and her husband became distressed when nanny Dianne Stretton, 64, inferred that she had various legal cases against them if they forced her to leave. She claimed she had health problems that precluded her from working around the house and taking care of the kids — what she was hired for, in return for room and board — and had grounds to sue for age discrimination and breach of contract, as well as false imprisonment. The police at one point were called and said they couldn’t do anything.

Days after the story hit the national media, she’s apparently disappeared, leaving her belongings behind.

ABC News said Stretton reportedly has been involved in three dozen lawsuits and is listed by California courts as a “vexatious litigant.”

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And check out the video of the original story below:
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