Man carved up own car to save kitten

WASHINGTON — A Florida man heard purring coming from somewhere in the body of his truck, and when he couldn’t figure out what or where it was, he did what any practical animal-lover would do — he cut into is car with metal blades.

According to CNN, Errand Frazier, 50, of Vero Beach started hearing the purring in late May. He put out food and a camera underneath the truck. He was flummoxed when the food was gone but there was nothing on the tape.

When he couldn’t take it anymore, he cut where he thought the purring might be coming from. He soon found a cute little kitten stuck behind the peeled-away metal.

“I seen this little rascal peeking at me,” Frazier recalled to CNN. “I said, ‘What in the world? You hitched a ride!'”

Frazier’s sacrifice was particularly touching because he knew he couldn’t afford to fix his truck — he and his wife both have disabilities. He currently suffers from macular degeneration but so far still has the ability to drive during the day.

Read more about what happened to the kitten and Frazier’s damaged truck, here, and see the kitty and her rescuer in the video below:

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