Is your Internet connection feeling slow? U.S. ranks low for download speeds

The Federal Communications Commission has found that most Internet providers in the U.S. hit their advertised speeds, but not necessarily all the time. (Getty images)

WASHINGTON — Ever get the feeling your home Internet speed isn’t as fast as what you’ve been paying for? You could be right.

In its latest Mea suring Broadband America report, the Federal Communications Commission says that most American Internet providers hit their advertised speeds on average — they don’t manage it all the time.

Compared to the rest of the world, Consumer Reports says the U.S. ranks 30th for average download speeds at roughly 29 megabits per second. The No. 1 spot belongs to Hong Kong, which has download speed of more than 81 megabits per second.

There are hopeful signs, however. One is Google Fiber, which promises faster, cheaper broadband than the major providers. It’s in a handful of cities now, but the company plans to expand.

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