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How to repurpose leftover, flat beer in quirky ways

Find out the many uses of flat, half-drank beer. (Getty/Carla Gottgens)

WASHINGTON — The host of that weekend barbecue should stop before dumping out all those leftover half-empty beer bottles from the party. There is a way to make use of the wasted brew.

Mashable lists 10 unusual ways to use flat, room temperature beer including:

  1. Liven up your locks with massaging the ale into hair after shampooing. The B vitamins in beer are said to help build a thicker, shinier mane.
  2. Make a homemade face mask as the hops helps with clearer skin. SheKnows has the perfect beer face mask recipe.
  3. Use it in a foot bath for the next pedicure as the yeast in beer helps soften tough skin on the bottoms of feet. details how to do a great beer foot pedicure.
  4. Marinate meat in beer for a healthier meal. The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry did a study showing that using beer in marinade reduces carcinogens in the meat.
  5. Mix flat brew into a tangy barbecue sauce.
  6. Make crispy flat bread. Kitchme has a recipe.
  7. Grill a moist and flavorful chicken.
  8. Use it as a polish on wood furniture. LifeHacker tells you how.
  9. Polish tarnished pots.
  10. Draw insects away from guests at outdoor parties.

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