Girl pays the price for lying about her period (Video)

Hello Flo\'s ad campaign has mothers laughing. (Courtesy YouTube)

WASHINGTON — Moms always know when their kids are lying, and a YouTube ad for a tampon subscription service offers a hilarious take on one girl’s lie.

The lie she tells is that she’s gotten her period — just like all of her friends.

Her mom, of course, knows it’s a lie and calls her bluff by throwing her a “first moon party” to celebrate.

Let’s just say the results for the teen are mortifying.

For Hello Flo, the results have not been humiliating. The video has been viewed more than 5.8 million times since Tuesday, with mothers of Facebook talking about how their daughters’ reactions have them laughing out loud.

It’s the company’s second humorous YouTube video.

The first,”Camp Gyno,” has been seen more than 7.3 million times and features a pre-teen who is the first at summer camp to get her monthly visit, only to become the drill sergeant expert on the subject, dispensing advice and tampons to her camp mates. If you haven’t guessed it, the girl’s actions backfire.

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