Germany, France press Russia to stop weapons flow to separatists in Ukraine

NOVOHANNIVKA, Ukraine (AP) — Germany says Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande (frahn-SWAH’ oh-LAWND’) have both called Russian President Vladimir Putin to express their “dismay” over the downing of a Ukrainian military transport plane in eastern Ukraine this morning.

All 49 people aboard the plane were killed.

A German government spokesman says Merkel told Putin that Russia must stem the flow of weapons and fighters across its border with Ukraine and exert its influence on pro-Russia rebels.

The Kiev government has accused Russia of permitting three tanks to cross the border this week into eastern Ukraine, where they were used by rebels.

Russia denies supplying the separatists and says Russians fighting in Ukraine are volunteers.

Moscow has accused the Ukrainian military of violating the border several times, including yesterday, when a Ukrainian armored vehicle ventured about 150 yards into Russia. The Russian Foreign Ministry warns it will “take all necessary measures to suppress” future incursions.

Protesters hurled eggs at the Russian Embassy in Kiev today and overturned several parked cars with diplomatic plates, holding a sign saying “Russia is a killer.”

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