Cedar Lane Closure Means Ride On Detour

Ride On Route 34 Detour map, via Ride On

Just past midnight Thursday, the State Highway Administration will shut down a 1,000 foot section of Cedar Lane at Rockville Pike.

Besides the detour route for Bethesda commuters, the summer closure will also mean changes for Ride On Route 34, which travels between the Wheaton and Medical Center Metro stations:

Route 34 between the Wheaton Metro and Medical Center Metro stations will take the following detour route: Cedar Lane, Beach Drive, Connecticut Avenue, and Jones Bridge Road. The bus will only stop at Route 34 bus stops along this detour route.

Passengers boarding the Route 34 bus at the intersection of Parkwood Drive and Cedar Lane and headed in the direction of the Medical Center Metro Station are advised to board at the westbound bus stop #20868 on Parkwood Drive. If heading towards Wheaton, board the eastbound bus on Parkwood Drive at bus stop #20840.

For more information, visit the Ride On website. The SHA hopes to have the project done and Cedar Lane reopened by Aug. 22.

Map via Ride On

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