What’s in store with the region’s weather?

Are clouds or more extreme weather heading toward the region? A National Weather Service meteorologist shares his predictions. (WTOP/Dave Dildine)
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wtopstaff | November 15, 2014 3:42 am

WASHINGTON — It’s been a year full of weather ups and downs and the forecast could get even wackier, a National Weather Service meteorologist says.

The D.C. region experienced a wild winter and a soggy spring so far, but there is good news with short-term weather forecasts, says Chris Strong, a warning coordination meteorologist at National Weather Service.

“Thankfully for everybody and certainly thankfully for our staff, it’s looking quiet here for a little while. It’s looking like a quiet week coming up,” says Strong, adding that temperatures won’t be too far from what they are normally around this time of year.

The region isn’t exempt from more extreme weather down the road, he says. Hurricanes could be a realistic threat, he adds.

“When that storm eventually comes into the Mid Atlantic right off the sea that’ll be a pretty catastrophic event for the area and people need to be ready for it,” Strong says. “It’s not something that has happened in our lifetime, but eventually it’s going to happen down here, too.”

Strong says people need to be ready for extreme weather events — but its “really just a roll of the dice every year,” if massive storms hit the region.

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