Sunset swimming at National Harbor halted

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — At sunset on Thursdays, National Harbor has become a popular place for open-water swimmers.

Denis Crean, of WaveOne Swimming, says there are few places to open-water swim in the Washington area, since many waterways are in restricted areas or on private property.

And now there are even fewer. After three years, Thursday night sunset swims have ended.

“Maybe there was a misunderstanding or some changes took place at National Harbor,” Crean says.

National Harbor told Crean his group didn’t have adequate insurance, something Crean says he’s willing to rectify.

“If there is something else that they require, I’m happy to comply,” he says.

Last year, some nights would attract close to 100 swimmers, Crean says, so not being able to kick off the season this year is a big disappointment to many.

Crean says open-water swimming is a physical and spiritual experience and “is a different experience in a different medium then we are used to.”

Angela Sweeney with National Harbor tells WTOP, “We have enjoyed our relationship with WaveOne Swimming and are happy to welcome them back once they provide the necessary insurance and paperwork that is required for all activities taking place at National Harbor.”

Crean says he is optimistic that the situation will get resolved and the swims will continue. He says the group plans to sit down with National Harbor officials next week after the yearly swim across the Potomac, which, Crean says, will go on as scheduled.

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