Man Convicted Of Attempted Murder In Bethesda Garage Beatdown

Niccolo Manzanero, convicted of attempted second degree murder last week, via Montgomery County State's Attorney OfficeA 33-year-old Burtonsville man was convicted of attempted second degree murder on Thursday after beating a man nearly to death last year in a Bethesda parking garage.

Niccolo Manzanero faces up to 30 years in prison for taking part in the brutal beating of a man early on the Sunday morning of April 26, 2013 in the St Elmo/Cordell Avenue parking garage.

Witnesses took cellphone video of parts of the assault, which helped cops determine that five men began assaulting the victim in the garage. As the assault continued, police said two men left the scene. The remaining three continued to kick the victim in he head, “while he lay on the ground helpless,” according to charging documents.

Manzanero can be seen on the video kicking and stomping the victim on his head repeatedly after the victim was already seemingly unconscious.

“The brutality of this case sets it apart from others, as Manzanero repeatedly stomped on the victim’s head after the fight was over,” according to a press release from the county State’s Attorney Office. “Upon receiving medical attention, the victim needed a metal plate to repair the damage to his skull, but miraculously made a full recovery.”

State’s Attorney John McCarthy said Manzanero got the most serious charges because he repeatedly stomped on the man’s head. Michael Velasquez, 29, and Johnathan Lima, 26, were charged with first degree assault.

McCarthy said it was unclear what sparked the fight, but that “alcohol was involved in this case.” While others stood by and filmed the fight with their cell phones, witness Dylan Rawls stepped in to stop the vicious beating.

The State’s Attorney Office said that probably saved the victim’s life.

“The actions of a good Samaritan prevented a senseless death this April. Without him, this charge would surely have been Murder in the Second Degree, instead of an attempted homicide,” spokesman Ramon Korionoff said.

Video is after the jump.

Video via WUSA9, photo via Montgomery County State’s Attorney Office

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