Lion, Tiger and Bear are best of friends

WASHINGTON — They are the unlikeliest of friends but they are certainly not new friends.

Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger have been best pals for 13 years. They even live in the same enclosure at a Georgia exotic animal rescue, where they were placed after being taken from a drug dealer’s apartment over a decade ago.

“They actually seek out each other’s affections,” Allison Hedgecoth, Noah’s Ark animal husbandry manager, told the Today show recently. “They nuzzle each other. They play together.”

The story goes that the three had been locked away in the tiny apartment, were starving, “terrified” and neglected when they were found. It was there, however, that they formed their unusual bond. They are said to have healed together when they were brought to the Georgia facility. More here:

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