Duncan Does First TV Ad In Front Of Silver Spring Transit Center

Doug Duncan came out with the first television ad of the Montgomery County executive race on Friday.

He’s standing in a familiar place, in front of the stalled Silver Spring Transit Center. The over-budget and still unopened facility has been a constant topic for Duncan, who has pointed to the failure of the county to complete the project as an indictment of incumbent County Executive Isiah Leggett’s leadership ability.

Leggett has said those assertions are unfair, as the county maintains it was contractor error that led to the current deliberations over unsafe concrete beams and structural issues. He also pointed to Duncan’s own record on failing to open the Transit Center when Duncan was county executive.

The latest news on the Transit Center has it open sometime early next year, possibly.

Duncan’s ad, which the Washington Post reported will go on air starting Friday afternoon, is heavy on allusions to Duncan being a better leader than Leggett, something else Duncan has harped on in the campaign.

“With leadership, we can get Montgomery County working again,” Duncan said.

He also said he’ll bring gigabit internet speeds, new school facilities and a Silver Spring-like revitalization of Wheaton. The primary is June 24.

Video via Doug Duncan campaign

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