Copycat benefactor reportedly organizing cash hunt in D.C.

WASHINGTON – A copycat of the San Francisco “HiddenCash” benefactor may have popped up in D.C., operating under the Twitter handle “I Hid The Cash.”

Fox 5 claims that one of its reporters found cash in Friendship Heights after following clues tweeted by the apparent copycat.

The reporter found $25 and a note that asked the searcher to share the money and to use it as a “platform to do good and encourage others to do good.”

“I’ve got enough for myself. I’m 90 years old and I’ll be all right,” said Owen Robertson of Chevy Chase, when asked if about the cash hunt. “I don’t put out money either.”

Chris Smith of D.C. She plans to follow the Twitter account.

“I think that’s fabulous. It’s nice that people are thinking beyond themselves like that,” she says. “If I see an old envelope, I will pick it up instead of just thinking it’s trash.”

Mike Masserotti of D.C. says whoever is responsible for the account must have a lot of time on their hands. But he would gladly use the cash if he found it, probably to pay for food, he said.

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