What eliminating Va. E-ZPass fees means for drivers

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Listen: VA Governor eliminates EZ-Pass fees

Megan Cloherty | November 15, 2014 3:05 am

WASHINGTON – Drivers with E-ZPasses issued from Virginia will soon have more change in their pocket thanks to Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who just signed a bill to eliminate the monthly fee.

The 50 cent fee per month was used for maintenance of E-ZPass transponders, VDOT spokesperson Shannon Marshall says.

“The legislation provides a deadline of Sept. 1 whereby we need to have a plan implemented to eliminate the fee and that’s what we’re working on,” Marshall says.

It’s now up to the transportation agency’s tolling division to decide how to do that, she says.

Drivers don’t have to pay a fee for E-ZPasses issued from nearby states, so its implementation in 2012 did not go over well with some drivers.

“A lot of people decided to get their transponder out-of-state to avoid the fee,” Marshall says.

Until a plan is put together, Marshall says it’s hard to say what drivers can expect, but some are choosing to wait to get their pass until after September.

Virginia transportation leaders say they’re hoping that doing away with the fee will encourage drivers who don’t have one to get an E-ZPass so they’ll use it in the Express Lanes.

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