Legendary driver talks Lamborghinis and potholes

Mario Andretti with his 50th Anniversary Lamborghini Aventador. (WTOP/John Aaron)

ASHBURN, Va. — Don’t try anything crazy when pulling up next to a bright orange Lamborghini on a D.C. area roadway.

First, racing on public roadways is obviously illegal. Second, the driver of the exotic car has an obscene amount of horsepower at his disposal. Third, he could use every drop of that power, because he is Mario Andretti.

The man named Driver of the Century by the Associated Press drove himself to Ashburn, Va. from his home in Nazareth, Pa.

“It was a very enjoyable ride,” says Andretti, who arrived in his bright orange, 50th Anniversary Lamborghini Aventador. “It was probably the first long trip for [the Lamborgini].”

“It’s just the most sophisticated one they’ve had… it’s over 700 horsepower, which I need a racetrack to just get the most out of.”

Like the rest of us, though, the Indy and Daytona 500 champion watches for potholes.

“I had to watch, because (with) low profile tires, I could blow one

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