Judge tells convicted murderer ‘I hope you die in prison’ (Video)

Agnes Varghese, special to wtop.com

WASHINGTON — Jackson County, Mich. Circuit Judge John McBain does not regret the rant he went on while sentencing defendant Camia Gamet in court.

McBain said Gamet showed no remorse for stabbing her 38-year-old boyfriend, Marcel Hill, 12 times, after crushing his head with a frying pan, MLive reports. Hill, a man with low cognitive abilities, died.

“I hope you die in prison,” McBain said in sentencing Gamet to life in prison without parole.

McBain said Gamet was smiling and yawning in court. When Hill’s aunt gave a statement, she said “Is that it?”

There have been mixed responses to McBain’s actions. Some are commending him for “being human.” Others think he “acted unprofessionally.”

Watch the video to see what McBain said when sentencing Gamet:

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