Impossible position to fill? (Video)

WASHINGTON — Twenty four people applied for what they would find to be an eye-opening position as a “Director of Operations.”

Millions of people saw the online ad created by Cardstore, an arm of American Greetings that allows users to create personalized cards.

In interviews, the candidates were told the job requires more than 135 hours per week, that they needed “excellent negotiation” skills and that their “associate” would need “constant attention.”

Also, they could not sit down and there would be no vacations.

On holidays, the interviewer tells those applying that their workload would go up and that they would have to maintain a “happy disposition” as it did.

“The position is going to pay absolutely nothing,” the interviewer tells the applicants.

One potential employee called the job description “inhumane,” then learned billions of people have the occupation, commonly known as being a mom.

Watch the video of the “interviews” for the World’s Toughest Job and see what was really up:

The American Greetings’ Cardstore ad that tries to get people to buy Mother’s Day cards does put motherhood in perspective.

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