Harry Potter fans open Hogwarts online university

WASHINGTON — There’s an exciting new website for Harry Potter lovers who just can’t get enough of the young wizard’s world.

It has been three years since the final Harry Potter movie was released, seven years since the final book. Eager for more, fans of the series have set up online classes in witchcraft and wizardry called Hogwarts is Here.

While the site is not affiliated with author J.K. Rowling or Warner Brothers, it is quite thorough, offering students who enroll the experience of sorting themselves into a house, picking a dorm and signing up for classes such as herbology and transfiguration.

Once a student receives an acceptance letter, they can open up a fake bank account with Gringotts for textbooks — just like in the series. The site is free but takes donations.

Each class has a syllabus and assignments, which students don’t have to complete. But if they don’t, they’ll forever be a first-year student — and no one wants that.

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