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‘Goonies’ Sequel Rumored

WASHINGTON –For millions of Gen Xers, just the mere mention of the “The Goonies” — the 1985 comedy romp about a bunch of unlikely kid-heroes with names like Chunk, Data, Mikey and Mouth — conjures breathless 80’s nostalgia. Now, there are rumors about a sequel.

TMZ started the buzz after catching director Richard Donner, who told their reporters that he was indeed making a sequel and he wanted to invite the entire cast of the hit back. That would include the all-grown-up Josh Brolin, who played hunky older brother of Mikey, played by Sean Astin, who has gone on to more recent Lord of the Rings fame.

Other fellow Goonies include Corey Feldman, who has had a tumultuous 30 years since the film launched him as an up-and-coming child actor, and Martha Plimpton, who just ended a run on the FOX television comedy, “Raising Hope.”

Maybe pop songtress Cyndi Lauper may take off some time from her Broadway work to write a sequel to the hit theme song, “Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough.” And will Sloth make a giant-sized return to the screen?

In the meantime, take a turn down the tunnel of memory lane with this original trailer:

And the key turning point in the Goonies’ adventure:

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