Best, worst airlines ranked

WASHINGTON – Airlines in the United States don’t draw much praise from passengers.

“As an industry, airlines received the fourth-worst score in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) rankings of customer satisfaction. Only pay TV, social media companies and Internet service providers rank lower. Even wireless carriers and car dealers rank higher. That may not be an indictment of the industry, but it does indicate a lot of room for improvement,” USA Today reported.

The main factors for the relatively low rankings are poor in-flight service, baggage fees and cramped quarters.

On the plus side, consumers seem pleased with the process of booking flights and boarding airplanes.

Among the unloved national airlines, the ACSI ranked six national carriers based on consumer surveys.

JetBlue is the highest-scoring airline, followed closely by Southwest. Delta is in third place following an improvement over last year’s score; U.S. Airways, American Airlines and United round out the bottom.

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