Baby squirrel becomes an instant star on social media

The squirrel broke its leg after falling 75 feet. (WTOP/Nick Iannelli)

WASHINGTON – A baby squirrel is becoming the latest Internet star in the nation’s capital.

“The reaction that we received is beyond anything that I could have imagined,” says biologist Abby Hehmeyer with City Wildlife, a nonprofit group that takes in injured and orphaned animals.

The organization posted a photo online showing the squirrel with a cast on her leg that is about as big as her entire body. Reaction has been pouring in constantly through websites like Facebook and Twitter:

“It’s just really good to see all of the support that we’re getting from the D.C. community and even farther,” Heymeyer says.

The 6-week-old squirrel fell 75 feet from a tree onto the sidewalk, breaking her ankle.

“We’re going to do some exercising with her and see how she gets around and make sure that she’s using that leg correctly,” says clinic director Alicia Demay.

The squirrel will have the cast on for about four weeks. The group should be able to release her back in the wild soon after the cast comes off.

Watch a video of the squirrel being fed:

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